Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why Thailand Beer Won't Sell in the Philippines

People react to their senses.

When they sense that something, for example, smells bad, they tend to find the nearest exit away from the odor.

When they see something attractive, such as a nice watch, or a nice article of clothing, they tend to reach towards their wallet.

I've been around. I've seen the world. I've had a rough childhood. I've even been known to cry during happy moments, and laugh during sad moments.

But nothing in my life, after summing up the totality of all my life experiences (which accounts to roughly more than nine lives, more than that of a cat), ever, ever prepared me for this:

This is a bottle label from a beer that I was drinking in a bar while visiting Denmark on business. Now the Danes probably wouldn't know any better, but the word "Singha" in Tagalog (the Filipino language) takes on a whole new meaning.

It means, roughly translated to English, "Snot." As in, "Snot on your nose," or "Snot in your nose," or simply, "You snotty little bastard."

Needless to say, the sensation of drinking Singha gave me the shivers. Thanks for the Thai beer, but no, thank you, I'm fine. Nothing against the Thais. I have some good friends from Thailand. Maybe one day I'll mention this concern of mine with them.

The old cliche still applies after all----" Lost In Translation."

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quite funny